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Ouça agora ‘Promise (‘Till The End of Time)’ com Tonanni feat. Lissah Martins

Acaba de ser divulgada Promise (Till The End of Time), novo single do novo album de André Tonanni com a partipação de Lissah Martins. Produzida por E.Motion, a musica foi escrita por Felippe Molko, Juan Hayamares e Marcelo Marino. Confira agora:
E.MOTION feat. Tonanni & Lissah – Promise (Til The End Of Time) Original Mix by emotionproject

Promise (Till The End of Time)
I was made for you baby
I was made for you
I was made for you sweet baby
I was made for you

In the morning light
When I just woke up
missing you by my side

I just can’t control
I feel in my soul
boy I have to show

I wish I could hide what is deep inside
We don’t have to keep this lie
Boy you take my breath
I need you so bad
And there’s nothing I can compare

If you trust in me, like I trust in you

Embrace me throught the night
I know that we’ll be fine
You should take me in your arms
(like there’s no tomorrow)
Kiss me on sunrise
I promise that you’l be mine
Till the end of time

Why can’t you see
You belong to me
I wish you were here forever

I’m always thinkin’ of you
in everything that I do
The time is now or never

You don’t have to hide
What is deep inside
Cuz I need you by my side

I will take your hand
For you I’ll be there
And there’s nothing we can compare

Can I count on you, like you count on me?

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